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Over 2m people take the IELTS test every year to qualify for university, employment or citizenship. Road to IELTS is a 100% online preparation resource, available in the library, and at home, 24 hours a day. And it's been carefully prepared by the British Council, so you can be sure that the content is relevant and the quality is excellent. And Clarity provides comprehensive library support materials. Click here for more details.

Road to IELTS is also useful for all learners of English at Intermediate level and above, and many libraries promote it this way.

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Who is it for?

Road to IELTS is suitable for IELTS candidates preparing for the test, and also for library members who are thinking about taking the test, but would like to try it out before registering - or who just want to improve their English.


Academic module - this is for candidates who need to qualify for university.
General Training module - this is for employment and citizenship.

How does it work?

The IELTS test is made up of four skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Road to IELTS is organised by these four skills. There is no set learning path; learners can choose the order in which they tackle the four key resources within each skill area:

  • Starting out: an eBook introducing each paper and explaining task types.
  • Advice and tutorial videos: experts explain the best way to prepare for IELTS.
  • Practice zone: candidates practise tackling the various question types, pick up exam tips and familiarise themselves with the exam format.
  • Test practice: candidates simulate the test experience with three full mock tests in each of the Reading, Writing, and Listening papers.

Progress functions

As learners work through Road to IELTS, the Progress function enables them to monitor their activity, and compare their performance with other users. They can even predict their scores in the Reading and Listening tests using our interactive widget.

Note that the Premium Library licence enables users to save their score across sessions by creating their own account.

Most candidates need all the help they can get while preparing for this crucial test. Give your candidates the unique advantage they deserve – with the British Council’s Road to IELTS.

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Licences for libraries

Both Standard and Premium Library licences are based on concurrent access. So, for example, if you have a 20-user licence for Road to IELTS Academic, 20 people can use it at any one time. If the 21st person tries to log on, they will see a polite message suggesting they try again later. As soon as an existing user logs off, that licence slot is freed up for someone else.

The difference between Standard and Premium Library licences

With a Standard Library licence, no record tracking is provided and all users are anonymous .

With a Premium Library licences, users can login with an email and a password - or they can just start anonymously. If a learner uses a login, their progress will be saved for them between sessions.

Tablet version is available on the Premium Library licences

If you are using a tablet within the library, the IP address of the library wifi will be matched against your registered IP ranges. If matched, the tablet will let the learner use the program with the same choice of login or anonymous access. If the learner uses a tablet outside the library, they can login using their email address PROVIDED they have already registered it using the tablet inside the library or their desktop browser from home.

Security and setup

If you use an IP proxy service, such as EZProxy, then we can incorporate a check on that IP so that members log in on your website and EZProxy then takes care of authenticating the link to the resource running on our website.

Alternatively, we can set up a barcode checking page for you. An example is at This URL is from a button on this library's webpage. The patron types their barcode, and we validate this against a simple pattern or patterns, and then let successful entrants through. This page can be combined with a range of IP addresses matching computers actually in your library so that people using those computers will be validated without even seeing this page.

Your welcome email will have listed one or more URLs that you use to access the resources. They will be something like:

If the authentication is correctly setup, then you will have added this URL to your resource database, and anyone accessing it via your website will get in. But if the URL is run directly, access will be blocked.

Please let us know which type of authentication you would prefer and the appropriate IP address or range and any barcode patterns and graphics you would like us to use.

App for Premium Library licence users

Learn how to use on the tablet device

Did you know...

  • Clarity provides a range of FREE support materials to help you publicise the programs to library users.
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  • Road to IELTS is used by over half a million IELTS candidates every year.
  • If you subscribe to an online program, you will receive monthly usage reports - as well as being able to generate reports on demand.
  • Clarity won the English Speaking Union President's Award 2012 with Access UK, jointly developed with the University of York.
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