What the ESU panel said...
An indispensable resource for students new to the UK, covering real situations with a local flavour.
This is an innovative, multifaceted resource for making everyday life in UK less daunting for international students. Unlike many ELT resources, the developers weren’t afraid to use regional accents, and scenarios felt wholly natural.


Access UK, developed jointly by Clarity and the University of York, is a video-based, interactive language program that prepares international students for the whole range of situations they may face in the UK: a visit to the doctor, sorting out visa problems, disputes with flat mates, personal safety in a UK city... essential input for a smooth transition to campus life.

Who is it for?

Access UK is suitable for international students in higher education in the UK. It can be used pre-departure or post-arrival.

Upper Intermediate to Advanced

B2 C2
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British English (various local accents)

A practical focus

The program focuses on language and guidance, with a particular emphasis on the spoken skills and vocabulary needed for practical and social situations. Challenges such as making friends, walking home late at night or dealing with a theft, are illustrated in a series of video scenes. Filmed in and around a UK university, the course gives learners access to authentic English and genuine situations, and the opportunity to bring this to life through active viewing.


The program covers the areas most relevant to international students:

  • Health
  • Accommodation
  • Support and Guidance
  • Casual Employment
  • Transport
  • A Day Out
  • Communications
  • An Evening Out

Two versions

Make Access UK available pre-departure so that students arrive with a solid grounding of the skills they need, or post-arrival to help them settle in and prepare for their course. The program comes in two versions:

  • The self access version comprises interactive activities including video and audio for students to work on in their own time and at their own pace.
  • The classroom version additionally includes teacher notes and downloadable worksheets.

Suitable for schools

Access UK is aimed specifically at the experience of students in higher education, and is therefore also useful in preparing students who are in their final year at school or who are doing pre-sessional courses at language schools. Please contact Clarity to trial this program with your students.

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Online licence

The online version is available to students from any computer with access to the Internet. Students simply go to the site and log in. If you are using Results Manager (Learner Tracking licence), their scores will be kept on a central database which you, as a teacher, can similarly access from any computer connected to the Internet.
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System requirements

Online versions are hosted by Clarity