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Any effective business writing course nowadays requires a strong ICT element, with learners actually at the keyboard. Business Writing takes an interactive approach to helping course participants produce effective emails, letters, SMS and reports.

Who is it for?

Business Writing is ideal for schools, colleges, universities and adult education centres preparing their students for the workplace. Business Writing is enjoyable, thought-provoking and always practical.

Intermediate to Advanced

B1 C2
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International English
North American English
Indian English

Coverage and approach

Business Writing focuses on the nuts and bolts of writing: the writing process, clarity, appropriacy, vocabulary and grammar. Presentation and practice activities include working on model business documents, listening to short talks, attempting quizzes and writing responses to authentic business texts such as advertisements. The topic matter is always up-to-date and relevant. (Should I use abbreviations in my emails? Can I use jargon in a report to my workgroup? How do I write a covering letter for a job application?)

Each of the ten units then leads on to extensive writing activities, where learners write a report, an email, or another business document based on a context built up over previous exercises.

Additional resources

Learners also have access to an integrated website which includes MP3 downloads, study sheets, a library of model letters and reports, model answers and useful links.

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PC online
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Library licence

System requirements

Network versions require Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Online versions are hosted by Clarity


System requirements

There is a choice of licence types: network or online. The main difference is how students will access the learning resources.

Network licence

The network version is installed within your institution and can be accessed by students only on computers within the centre.
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Online licence

The online version is available to students from any computer with access to the Internet. Students simply go to the site and log in. If you are using Results Manager (Learner Tracking licence), their scores will be kept on a central database which you, as a teacher, can similarly access from any computer connected to the Internet.
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If you plan to use the program solely within the institution, you should choose the network version; if you would like to integrate the resource into post-class or homework activities, you need the online version.