How does the test work?

1. Set up your test

Select the students you want to test, set the time and date for the test, and click to send an email to each test taker.

Admin Panel Guide

2. Run the test

Test takers complete the test in 30 minutes. All they need is a computer, tablet or mobile and a set of earphones.

Operations Guide

3. See the results

The results appear immediately in your Admin Panel, ready for sorting. And you can print out a certificate for each test taker.

Understanding Results

What will the test tell you?

At the end of the test, you'll see who has done it and who hasn't; when they did it; and how long they spent on it. You'll see a CEFR level for each test taker refined with a Relative Numeric. And for each test taker, the certificate shows their relative strengths for Reading, Listening and Language Elements. It's a fully comprehensive report.

How to interpret "Relative strengths" in the certificate?

The relative strengths align within one CEFR level. There are no absolute numbers, so a test taker who is shown as very strong at reading at the B1 level will not be able to read as well as a B2 level test taker no matter what their relative strength. The purpose is to indicate which skill the test taker is strongest or weakest at.

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