Road to IELTS V2
Road to IELTS V2 Road to IELTS V2 Road to IELTS V2 Road to IELTS V2 Road to IELTS V2 Road to IELTS V2
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Road to IELTS is your best possible online preparation and practice resource for IELTS. With over 120 hours of interactive activities, advice videos from British Council experts, hints and tips on question types as well as downloadable practice tests, it is comprehensive, up-to-date and aimed precisely at the challenges candidates face.

Who is it for?

Road to IELTS is suitable for IELTS candidates from band score 4.5 upwards, and for institutions running IELTS preparation courses.

Upper Intermediate to Advanced

B2 C2
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Academic module
General Training module

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How does it work?

Road to IELTS is organised by skill. There is no set learning path; teachers or learners can choose the order in which they tackle the four key resources within each skill area:

  • Starting out: an eBook introducing each paper and explaining task types.
  • Advice and tutorial videos: experts explain the best way to prepare for IELTS.
  • Practice zone: candidates practise tackling the various question types, pick up exam tips and familiarise themselves with the exam format.
  • Test practice: candidates simulate the test experience with three full mock tests in each of the Reading, Writing, and Listening papers.

Progress functions

As learners work through Road to IELTS, the Progress function enables them to monitor their activity, and compare their performance with other users. They can even predict their scores in the Reading and Listening tests using our interactive widget.

Most candidates need all the help they can get while preparing for this crucial test. Give your candidates the unique advantage they deserve – with the British Council’s Road to IELTS.

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Library licence
PC online
Mac online
Tablet app

System requirements

Network versions require Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Online versions are hosted by Clarity
Tablet app versions are available for Learner Tracking licence only.
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System requirements

There is a choice of licence types: network or online. The main difference is how students will access the learning resources.

Network licence

The network version is installed within your institution and can be accessed by students only on computers within the centre.
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Online licence

The online version is available to students from any computer with access to the Internet. Students simply go to the site and log in. If you are using Results Manager (Learner Tracking licence), their scores will be kept on a central database which you, as a teacher, can similarly access from any computer connected to the Internet.
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If you plan to use the program solely within the institution, you should choose the network version; if you would like to integrate the resource into post-class or homework activities, you need the online version.

App for Learner Tracking licence users

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Did you know...

  • Clarity provides a range of FREE support materials to help you publicise the programs to students and teachers, and to help familiarise teachers with both content and functionality.
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  • Most Clarity programs have both online and network versions.
  • If you subscribe to an online program, you will receive monthly usage reports - as well as being able to generate reports on demand.
  • Clarity won the English Speaking Union President's Award 2012 with Access UK, jointly developed with the University of York.
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