Worldwide projects & clients

Our worldwide clients

Clarity programs are used by schools, universities and individuals in almost every country in the world, from Australia to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Click here for a sample list. The global English providers we have worked with include:

Our projects

Over the last 20 years Clarity has worked on a number of challenging projects with English language providers. The documents below provide a snapshot of four representative projects.

ClarityEnglish Pilot

Wete Hospital, Zanzibar, Tanzania

British Council Peacekeeping

Managing content development for a British Council Peacekeeping project

Video in Road to IELTS

Devising the optimum delivery mechanism for video in China and elsewhere

Aksum University, Ethiopia

Delivering ICT in the most challenging of environments

Ministry of Education Malaysia

Providing a training model for teachers in 800 schools across Malaysia

The Aksum University project

Full report delivered at a British Council conference, Khartoum, Sudan

Our case studies

How do institutions use Clarity programs in practice. Read case studies from four very different institutions.

Cardiff Libraries, UK

Road to IELTS in a public library

Melbourne Library Service, Australia

Road to IELTS in a public library

Rishworth School, UK

Successful integration of Road to IELTS

Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates

A group of colleges in the United Arab Emirates adopts Clarity

Université de Nice, France

How clarity is used for independent learning