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Installation sequence:

All Clarity programs share a common architecture. To ensure that you have the latest version, you should install Clarity programs in the following order.
1) It's Your Job (CD-138A)
2) Business Writing (CD-110A)
3) Author Plus (CD-101B)
4) Clear Pronunciation 1 (CD-139C)
5) Active Reading (CD-133A)
6) English For Hotel Staff (CD-140A)
7) Tense Buster V9 (CD-109D)
8) Study Skills Success V9 (CD-149A)
9) Clear Pronunciation 2 (CD-150A)
10) Clarity English Success (CD-137B)
11) Results Manager V3 (CD-102A)
12) Road To IELTS V2 (CD-152B)

Install in a different directory:

Below programs are not compatible with the common components:
  • My Canada (CD-120B)
  • Peacekeeper (CD-134A)
  • CS Communciation Skills (CD-135A)
  • Other Clarity programs, such as MindGame

Questions about installation:

For a network installation, how do I put shortcuts onto the learners' desktops? I cannot run the CD / DVD. It gives me a SecuROM error. I am using a Network licence. I have received a licence file (by email or CD) along with the main program. What should I do with it? In a network installation, how can I stop 'enterprising' learners from compromising the progress database? Can I download the programs? Can I install all the Clarity programs into one folder? I cannot start my program. It says "The database is badly damaged, Microsoft JET Database Engine cannot open the file .... It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data". I cannot uninstall It's Your Job. What should I do after I have bought the program? How do I install it?

A standard (small) network means...

a 20-user licence or less. This is most suitable for licences of 20 or less. It uses standard Windows programs to run.

An advanced (large) network means...

a licence larger than 20 computers. This will work with any number of licences. It uses a browser to run the programs.

Related questions:

A handy troubleshooting guide for installing Clarity programs (large network version). I used an advanced network installation for one program, but my other program does not have this option. Can they work together? How do I install to an intranet? My licence is larger than 20. Can I still install my Clarity programs as a small network installation?
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