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Preparing to study in English

Studying in English is a challenge. Learn all the academic skills you need to feel confident in an English-speaking college or university.

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Are you planning to study in English?

If so, you'll have to listen to lectures in English, write essays in English and speak out in classes and seminars — in English. That's not easy. So it makes sense to prepare yourself properly before you start. Study Skills Success will help you develop all the skills you need, so you can feel confident from day one.

What will you learn?

There’s a big jump from high school to university or college — especially if English is not your first language. Teachers won’t be there to help you in the same way. You’ll need a higher level of English for classes and assignments. And to get the best grades, you’ll have to develop new academic study skills. You will learn all of this in Study Skills Success.

How will you learn?

You'll watch videos of teachers telling you what you need to learn, and students explaining their challenges with study skills — and how they overcame them.

You'll do interactive exercises to practise your listening, grammar, reading, speaking, vocabulary... and more. There's lots of variety.

You'll work with real academic texts from coursebooks, journals and websites. This will give you a great foundation for when you start studying.

You'll monitor your progress as you complete each exercise and each unit — so you can see just how much you are learning!

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Used by over 500 universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand...

Chosen by the British Council for all 227 teaching centres worldwide

"If I were grading Study Skills Success, I'd give it an A+."
Colleen Swinemar, IATEFL Voice Teacher's Magazine

"The program is enjoyable, and it is well known that enjoyment enhances motivation, reduces anxiety and makes learning easier."
Galina Kavaliauskiene, Universitas Studiorum Polona

"The design, navigation and usability are real strengths, and the materials are excellent."
David Bunting for UK Government's Curriculum Online

"Study Skills Success taught me everything I needed to know for university."
Sophie Patterson-Isler

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