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Break through the grammar barrier

English grammar doesn't have to be hard — or boring. Break through the grammar barrier with this fun, easy to use program, and master 33 key grammar areas!

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Why is grammar important?

Good grammar is the key to good communication. An essay full of grammar mistakes will never get the best grades. And bad grammar in a job interview might mean you miss out on your dream job, or that big promotion. Tense Buster helps you tackle bad grammar, builds your confidence and puts you back in control!

What will you learn?

In English, grammar is everywhere. You use it when you write and speak, and you need to understand it when you read and listen. Tense Buster will help you understand and use 33 key English grammar areas. And it's fun: learn through websites, radio programs, magazine articles — and then try the interactive tests to see how fast you are learning.

How will you learn?

You'll see the grammar in context and listen to it.

You'll read the grammar rule. You can listen to it too.

You'll do lots of exercises. If you get an answer wrong, Tense Buster will explain, so you'll never make the same mistake twice.

You'll try a pronunciation exercise for each grammar point, for example you'll learn the correct pronunciation of the simple past, and how to link words together.

When you've finished a level of Tense Buster you'll get a certificate as proof of your hard work and achievement.

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"Tense Buster is very popular with students, attractive and easy to use."
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"Tense Buster is the best! I finally understand grammar."
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