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The Dynamic Placement Test sorts your students into their CEFR bands quickly, conveniently and affordably. Test items include a variety of tasks specially designed to exploit the capabilities of online, multimedia delivery. The test runs on the test takers’ own devices and delivers results directly to your browser.


This is an adaptive test focusing on language elements (mostly vocabulary and grammar), listening, and reading. The output is a CEFR band, further refined with a DPT score between 0 and 120. The test takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is randomised, so that students sitting next to each other will see different questions.


Test setup. You decide the test time, place and who will take it. Students can take the test in a traditional exam hall with invigilators, a lecture theatre, or at home pre-arrival.

Simple flow of using Dynamic Placement Test

Test notification. The system emails test-takers. They download an app and can play with sample questions until they feel comfortable with the activity types.

Simple flow of using Dynamic Placement Test

Taking the test. At the time you chose, the test begins on their devices and they complete the tasks.

Simple flow of using Dynamic Placement Test

Test results. Results appear automatically in the Admin Panel for you to sort or export.

Some key features

International standards

With content from telc, international test experts, the DPT is accurate to the highest standards. Test items are continually analysed, updated, retired and replaced.

Dynamic Placement test - International standard English CEFR placement test

No more marking

The Dynamic Placement Test is convenient and time-saving. It takes just a few minutes to set up — no more paper, no more marking.

No more marking and time convenient on Dynamic Placement Test


The program is easy to use, both for teachers and students. A beautifully designed app-based test feels both engaging and relevant.

Dynamic Placement Test is easy to use

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Technical specifications

Browser requires

Chrome v51 or later

Firefox v47 or later

Safari v9.0 or later

Edge v40 or later

Run the test from https://dpt.clarityenglish.com

when a test has been scheduled for you.

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