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Brand new version!

We have comprehensively updated Practical Writing — new design, new ways of interacting with the activities, and you can now run the program on mobile as well as tablet, desktop and laptop.

Practical Writing 2019 brand new version

ELTons Finalist

"Practical Writing is a comprehensive package offering a fuller structured writing programme than anything I've seen before."

British Council ELTons 2017 Judging Panel

Practical Writing 2017 ELTONS Innovation Awards Finalist


Need to write a letter to the immigration authorities or the bank? Or maybe an email to your child’s teacher? Or perhaps you want to post to a Facebook group? These can be major challenges for those who do not write English as a first language. Practical Writing helps non-native speakers deal confidently with all these situations.


Practical Writing helps ESL library members write for life (emails, social media, official letters, making notes at work and so on). The other half of the program is for those who are following English courses or preparing for English tests for immigration, employment and education. This covers essays, reports, avoiding plagiarism and checking your work.


Video introduction. A teacher explains the learning objectives of the unit — for example, to build an online profile for a jobs site.

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Phone app for vocab. Learners can use the integrated phone app to pre-learn vocabulary for the unit through study cards and games. It's fun and convenient.

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Interactive activities. In each unit, users work through interactive activities: exercises, quizzes, tests and writing assignments. There's lots of practice!

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Study sheets. Each unit includes a Resource Bank of study sheets, transcripts and model writing. Learners can refer to it at any time.

Some key features

Life-changing skills

For non-native speakers of English the ability to produce emails, official letters, notes and social media posts is a key survival skill.

Practical writing improves writing skills

Model writing

The example documents in the Resource Bank mean learners can find models they can use immediately.

Practical writing provides downloadable materials

Real-life situations

Each text type is presented in a teacher-led video presentation. Additional videos provide practice — for example note-taking in a financial counselling session.

Video presentations from Practical Writing

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Free resources and support materials

Syllabus documents, teacher training guides, posters and flyers to publicise your ClarityEnglish programs, and more. They are all included in your subscription with no additional charge.

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Technical specifications

To run this program, you need an up-to-date version of one of these browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Microsoft Edge

To download Practical Writing Vocab App, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for Practical Writing Vocab or get the Android APK file.

App version requires:

Resolution 1200 x 800 pixels or higher

iOS 8.0 or later

Android 4.1 or later

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