What is Tense Buster?

Help your ESL learners break through the grammar barrier with Tense Buster, Clarity’s most popular program. Described by British Council Network News as "very popular with students, attractive and easy to use", Tense Buster helps learners with 33 key grammar areas at five levels. Ideal for independent learning, classwork and homework. Find out more by reading this brochure, and by watching this video.

CEFR level:

CEFR level

Equality exercise in Tense Buster program

Syllabus and demo

News and updates

Using Tense Buster program on notebook for learning grammar
  1. Time spent on Tense Buster last year: 11,858,230 minutes.
  2. Adopted by the British Council for all 227 teaching centres worldwide.
  3. Read some Tense Buster reviews.
  4. Download a list of institutions using Tense Buster around the world.

Support materials

web banner

Web banner

Ideas to promote Tense Buster on all online platforms.

Social media

Social media

Ideas to promote Tense Buster on all social media platforms – text and image included.



Ideas to promote Tense Buster through email – text and image included.



The poster highlights learning strategies, with a space for your own access instructions.

Program description

Program description

The text here highlights the features of Tense Buster, so your students will understand how Tense Buster can help them.

Teacher support

Teacher support

Download an activity sheet to find out how to use the program, and to get an overview of the content.

support materials

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Download everything you need with one click. Or you can email us with your requirements: info@clarityenglish.com


technical specifications

Technical specifications

Tense Buster runs on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. To run this program, you need an up-to-date version of one of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

latest upgrades

Latest upgrades

  1. 2021 Aug: Technical upgrade
  2. 2020 May: New audio for pronunciation units (North American version)
  3. 2018 Jun: V11 (North American English) released
  4. 2018 May: V11 (International English) released
technical support pledge

Technical support pledge

"My aim is to ensure you have smooth, trouble-free use of any programs you purchase from Clarity. I therefore guarantee to find a fast and effective solution to any technical problems related to Clarity programs, or provide a full refund."

Dr Adrian Raper,
Technical Director