Dynamic Placement Test

  • 2021 Feb: New test taker video
  • 2021 Jan: Enhancement of customer branding sign-in page
  • 2020 Oct: Enhancement to Listening drag and drop functionality
  • 2020 Sep: Minor improvement for word ordering items; Minor bug fixes
  • 2020 May: Improved timer; Test instruction and progress bar to ensure test takers are aware of the time limit
  • 2020 May: New, stabilised downloading mechanism to improve accessibility and test stability
  • 2020 May: General performance improvement and bug fixes

Road to IELTS

  • 2021 Jan: Released a new practice test in both paper and computer-delivered format
  • 2020 Nov: Minor content and answer fixes
  • 2020 Sep: New Speaking section in the Practice Zone
  • 2020 Sep: Two new CD IELTS tests
  • 2020 Feb: CD IELTS simulator with one test for Academic and General Training
  • 2019 May: Classroom support material published
  • 2018 Dec: New HTML5 version of Road to IELTS released
  • 2018 Dec: New Listening materials uploaded

Active Reading

  • 2020 Oct: Minor enhancement to progress report function
  • 2020 Jun: New worksheets added to Pre-Advanced level
  • 2020 May: New Home page for easier navigation; New worksheets added to Upper Intermediate level
  • 2020 Mar: New worksheets added to Intermediate level
  • 2020 Feb: New worksheets added to Pre-Intermediate level
  • 2020 Jan: New worksheets added to Elementary level
  • 2019 Dec: V11 (North American English) released
  • 2019 Oct: V11 (International English) released

Tense Buster

  • 2020 May: New audio for pronunciation units (North American version)
  • 2018 Jun: V11 (North American English) released
  • 2018 May: V11 (International English) released

Study Skills Success

  • 2020 Dec: Reading content update
  • 2020 Nov: Working with visuals, Writing content update
  • 2020 Oct: Speaking, Research content update
  • 2020 Sep: Critical Thinking, Vocabulary, Grammar content update
  • 2020 Aug: Independent Learning, Listening content update
  • 2020 May: Technical upgrade to new version
  • 2020 May: New study sheets
  • 2020 Jan: New intro videos
  • 2018 Mar: V11 (North American English) released
  • 2018 Jan: V11 (International English) released

Practical Writing

  • 2020 May: Technical upgrade to new version
  • 2020 Mar: Updated study sheets
  • 2019 Apr: V11 (North American English) released
  • 2019 May: V11 (International English) released

Clear Pronunciation

  • 2020 Sep: V11 released: now includes North American and Australian English; new and updated content; HTML5 format, mobile friendly; new videos; new recorder; many other new features.

Admin Panel (previously called Results Manager)

  • 2021 Feb: New user guide video (Learner Tracking Licence and Dynamic Placement Test) and minor bug fixes
  • 2021 Jan: Minor bug fixes
  • 2020 Dec: New (Flash-free) HTML5 version for Learner Tracking licences released (Clarity Suite)
  • 2020 Nov: Performance graph normalisation (Dynamic Placement Test)
  • 2020 Oct: New (Flash-free) HTML5 version for Anonymous Access and Library licences released (Clarity Suite)
  • 2020 Sep: Browser-related technical upgrade
  • 2020 Jul: Add Help button and minor bug fixes
  • 2020 Jun: Increase the certificate generation capacity (Dynamic Placement Test)
  • 2020 Jun: Fix missing group for teacher/reporter issue (Dynamic Placement Test)
  • 2020 May: Enhanced & improved features: offline mode email template, non-English language certificate, TOEFL ITP conversion certificate, loading progress bar and loading time (Dynamic Placement Test)
  • 2020 Jan: New (Flash-free) HTML5 version for Dynamic Placement Test